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Teach-ICT Resource Subscription Service


Would you like access to over 11,000 editable resources to help with your Computer Science and ICT lessons? Then join our subscription service!

A subscription gives you access to:

  • over 11,000 high quality resources in an editable format
  • 17 detailed and engaging schemes of work for KS3
  • GCSE revision videos
  • Interactive exam questions for GCSE
  • Interactive flashcards for GCSE
  • Pseudocode practice questions for GCSE
  • Easy to understand theory sections for sections 1 & 2 of the OCR & AQA 9-1 GCSE syllabus
  • Hundreds of ready to use workbooks, lesson tasks, starters and plenaries for GCSE
  • Theory sections for most of the OCR A Level Computer Science
  • Instant cover lessons



Resource subscription service 1 Year  

(full year from date account is set up)


(+ VAT which is reclaimable by most UK schools)


How to place an order

ORDER BY POST OR FAX (Our Fax number is: 01926 800023)

Invoice with 30 day credit terms (UK Schools only)

Please use the order forms to either Fax or Post an order to us

download file

order form




phone us for immediate order

Please telephone 01766 780828 during office hours (Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm)

From overseas +44 1766 780828

or ONLINE ORDER & PAYMENT (You do not have to have a Paypal account - they take credit and debit cards also)

Resource subscription service   1 Year  

(full year from date account is set up)

£145 (+ VAT)


For overseas customers

Overseas schools

A pro-forma invoice can be issued to enable a bank transfer or cheque to be raised.

We will wait until the bank transfer is confirmed before setting up the subscription.

If you are based in the EU VAT at 20% will be applied to the balance unless a valid VAT exemption number is supplied at the time of ordering. VAT will not be applied to orders from outside the EU




What do I get with a site subscription?

A site subscription will allow you, as a teacher, to download the editable resources that you need for your lessons e.g. lesson plans, tasks etc.

It will also enable your students to access the student pages for the KS3 schemes of work and the locked pages in the theory mini-websites in the GCSE and A Level sections.


Can you send me a DVD with all the resources so that I don't have to download them individually?

We do NOT provide copies of the site or sections from the site on disks. The subscription service is for you to access resources as you need them rather than the site in its entirety.


Can I download the videos to put onto my school network/shared drive?

Sorry but no. Your license enables your students to view the videos directly from the teach-ict.com site. They may not be downloaded as local copies.


Can I use the images from your website, videos, PPT files etc. in my own work?

The images we have used for our resources have been purchased, by us, from a stock image company. Teach-ICT.com has a license to use them with any of our products. However, this license is non transferable and the stock image company we use can, and will, seek to claim damages from you, if they find their images (or files containing their images) in the public domain without the correct license.


Another teacher has asked on Facebook if anyone has resources for xyz. Can I give them a copy of your resources?

No. All of the content and every resource on Teach-ICT.com is covered by copyright legislation. The subscription you have purchased gives teachers at your school a license to use those resources only within your school. Providing our resources, even free-of-charge, to teachers outside of your school will be seen as a breach of copyright and as such, appropriate action will be taken.


Can I have a reduced price individual license rather than a school subscription?

Sorry but that isn't possible. Many of our KS3 schemes of work require students to log in with their own user name and password to access the materials. Thus, the resources are being used at school by large numbers of students - which means it is no longer being used by just a single individual.


Will you automatically renew my subscription?

No! We don't ever automatically renew your subscription, we think that it is cheeky to go ahead and charge you for another year when you haven't told us that this is something you want to do. 30 days before your subscription is due to expire you will see a large reminder notice appear on the screen. It is then your choice if you would like to continue with Teach-ICT.


Can I cancel my subscription if I don't want it?

This is important, subscription accounts can NOT be cancelled during the active time period. If you have ordered a one year subscription then your account will be available for one year. Of course, you don't have to renew at the end of the period, but we do hope that you decide to stay with us.


What happens if I decide not to renew my subscription?

The subscription license only allows you to store and use the resources if you have a current and active subscription to Teach-ICT. Should you decide not to renew your subscription then you are required to remove all copies of resources from your shared area and devices and to no longer use them in your lessons